Tips To Fix iPad Battery Drain While Charging

Tips To Fix iPad Battery Drain While Charging

Is your iPad battery running low, even if you just charged it? Well, it may be because it was already draining while charging! Sound’s frustrating, no? Don’t worry. With these tips from the experts at the cell phone repair store in Burlington, ON, you can fix all your iPad battery-related problems conveniently.

Before you panic and rush to your nearest phone repair store, thinking your iPad is broken or needs fixing, you must try these methods suggested to ensure it actually needs a repair service.

There is no doubt that it is wise to visit the cell phone repair center to get your device professionally checked but trying these tips at home won’t have any negative impacts either. We at Tech Emporium offer high-quality electronics repair services at affordable rates. If you are facing any issue related to your electronic gadgets, you can come to us confidently to get it fixed.

Now let’s move on to what you can do at home to fix your iPad battery drain while charging.

How To Fix iPad Battery Drain While Charging? 

Try the following methods mentioned below to see if it makes any changes to your iPad battery drainage while charging. If it does not fix your problem, consider visiting a cell phone repair store in Burlington, ON, to get your iPad properly inspected, diagnosed, and fixed with the best iPad repair services.

However, you must remember that iPad battery drainage can happen for many reasons. Sometimes, the reasons are obvious such as keeping the screen on for too long or setting your iPad never to lock automatically, etc. other times; the cause isn’t so easy to solve. When you are unable to identify the reason for your battery drainage, you must check the battery health of your iPad, as it is crucial to ensure your iPad’s long battery life. To check the battery health of your iPad, you may go to the settings, then battery, and then battery settings to see its detailed usage. 

Now let’s move on to how you can fix the problem.

Use Certified Charger

The experts of electronics repair in Burlington, advise you always to use chargers and cables that are certified by apple. If you did not get the cable and charger with your iPad, you might get it from the apple store or purchase from any other phone repair store but be sure to purchase the charger that is designed especially for charging your iPad.

If you are using a wireless charger that makes your iPad battery drain while charging, you may switch to a cable charger. 

Update Your iPad

The manufacturer introduces the updates to fix any bugs and issues that may exist in the previous version of the software. If you’re facing your iPad battery draining while it is being charged, it may be because of some software glitch. You may update your software to the latest version, and it may be able to solve your problem as newer updates mean better features, and it may lead to improved battery management. 

Reset The iPad

Even if, after trying everything mentioned above, you are still experiencing decreasing battery while your iPad is plugged in for charging, you may try the last resort. But remember that it is your last resort as it may clear all the data on your iPad. You may perform a factory reset to delete all the apps and app cache, and other data that may be causing problems. If you are still unable to solve the problem even after performing the factory reset, consider seeking professional help.

Get Professional Help From Tech Emporium

If none of those mentioned above ways help fix the problem, then your iPad battery needs replacement. In such a case, you can visit our cell phone repair store in Burlington, ON. We use high-quality, original replacement components to ensure your device returns to its original condition after the repair.