The Best Cell Phone Repair Store in Burlington, ON for Battery Problems

The Best Cell Phone Repair Store in Burlington, ON for Battery Problems

Looking for a cell phone repair store in Burlington, ON? Using your phone, charging it, and how many apps you have affect how long your battery lasts. In many cases, the culprit is one of the reasons listed above. This is especially true if your phone isn’t too old.

The batteries in these phones have a life span of two to three years. It is common for phone owners to disregard battery care and fail to notice obvious warning indications. All of this prompts people to seek help from a local cell phone repair shop in Burlington, ON, frequently resulting in costly repairs.

Here are some warning indicators to be on the lookout for to avoid this:

What To Do If The Battery Dies Fast?

We recommend you bring your device to Tech Emporium if the battery dies within two hours of being recharged to 100% capacity. The following guidelines apply to phones that suddenly lose 10% to 20% of their battery when you remove the charger.

Device Won’t Start

A phone that doesn’t turn on is an obvious sign of a dead battery. You should replace your battery if it’s not supplying enough power to keep your device running.

It’s possible that the display is to blame if there’s power, but the screen remains dark. Another possibility is that the charger is malfunctioning. You may want to switch to a new one and see if that helps.

The Phone Needs A Charger Cable To Power To Work

If your phone won’t turn on and the screen isn’t the problem, it’s time to try something else. At our phone cell phone repair center in Burlington, ON experts recommend that you plug your phone into a charger and wait a few minutes. If the device turns on and functions normally, you’re fine to go. However, the battery is dead if it shuts down as soon as you unplug it.

The Battery Overheats

A smartphone’s normal operating temperature ranges from 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The smartphone can go above and beyond that, but it will take a toll on the battery life. This means the battery may need to be replaced if the temperature is too high.

Loose Charging Port

For example, wrongly connecting your phone’s cable to the charging port, overcharging it, or even using a charger that isn’t compatible with your cellphone might result in damaged charging ports, which can cause your phone to overheat and malfunction.

How it appears to you all separates a sloppy charging port from a bent metal connector. A slag charging port separates the charger from the motherboard. It’s impossible to connect the charging cord to the receiver if this is the case.

Bulging Battery 

Finally, if the display begins to move out of place, it’s time to replace the battery. This can happen for various reasons, such as a hard fall or high pressure. Another reason for the screen to move may be because the battery is enlarged, which will press against it and cause it to move.

3 Risks Of DIY Battery Replacement

Warranty And Insurance Are Void

There isn’t as much ease in battery replacement as there used to be with flip phones. Getting a warranty or insurance is impossible if there is evidence of tampering inside your phone. If you haven’t had your phone for more than a year, you don’t want to forfeit your warranty by purchasing phone insurance.

Excess Phone Damage

You risk harming your phone’s internal components if you attempt to replace the battery on your own. It’s too easy to screw with your phone’s location services or camera if you shift a few wires while out in the open.

The Battery Is Not Fixed

Even if you can open and close your cellphone without inflicting further harm, there is no assurance that you will be able to fix the battery. The purchase of a 犀利士
battery on the internet is fraught with peril. You never know if it’s the right part or if it’s entirely healthy because the manufacturer doesn’t offer it to the general public.

Because you’ve never done this before, it’ll take much longer for you to repair it. Save yourself time and stress by leaving battery replacement to the professionals.


Visit our cell phone repair store in Burlington, ON right away if you have any of the aforementioned issues! In addition to damaging the equipment, this issue is dangerous to you because the battery can explode at any time.

We really hope you found this guide to be useful in resolving your battery-related issues. Get in contact with us right away if you believe you require a new battery.


How long does it take for a new phone battery to settle?

It takes around three full charge/full discharge cycles to condition a battery that has been resting for a few months. If it’s new (and most phones do), the battery is already conditioned when you acquire it, so there’s no need to “break it in.” That’ll take care of the batteries.

Can I just replace my phone battery?

You can just buy a new battery if the old one won’t retain a charge. It is tough to replace or repair the built-in batteries on cellphones.